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Thessaloniki (also called Saloniki or Salonika) is the second-largest city in Greece and an administrative center of the Macedonia region with a big port that is of utmost importance for Greece. Learn about the city attractions, cheap hotels, sightseeing and summer family vacations.

Thessaloniki is an important economic, political and industrial center with a population size of over 800 000 people (with suburbs) and is in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites for its rich history. The history of the city begins from 315 BC when the Macedonian king Cassander of Macedon founded the city on the site of the ancient town of Therma. Over the years, Thessaloniki is the capital of the one of the four Roman districts of Macedonia, an important commercial center of the Byzantine - the largest fief of the Latin Empire, was conquered by the Fourth Crusader conquest, a province of Venice, and captured by the Ottoman Sultan Murad II in 1430...

The city has a Mediterranean climate and during the…

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Thessaloniki is the second largest Greek city after the capital Athens.

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The city of Thessaloniki is one of the most visited destinations for Greece due to the many tourist attractions/sightseeing (like the White Tower) and the relatively good and cheap hotels of the Aegean Sea with many offers for family vacations and holidays.